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Don't be Stymied by Unexpected Issues with Renovations

Renovations and remodeling have challenges that aren't present with new construction. The most common of these is likely the presence of hidden damage, such as rotten timbers caused by previously-unnoticed water leaks, wiring that has been chewed by rodents, and similar issues. These problems may not even show from the areas that are normally visible, or they may only show a little bit. However, once you do something like remove old drywall or paneling, you find that you suddenly have a much bigger project on your hands.

Issues like these are most common in older structures or ones that have stood abandoned for some time. Unfortunately, these are exactly the structures that are most likely to be the target of renovations. After all, when a house or building is still new, it usually doesn't need to be redone.

While no contractor can prevent the presence of pre-existing damage, you can save yourself a lot of trouble if you have the right one on the job. The right one, in this case, is a general contractor like DeSorbo Construction, LLC. A general contractor is your best bet for remodeling and renovation projects because it will have contacts for a huge variety of sub-contractors.

This access to sub-contractors makes it so that you won't be stymied if you open up a wall and find that, instead of just a drywaller, you now need a framing carpenter, an electrician, and a plumber. The general contractor will also know how to negotiate the best rates for what is now an involved project.

Best of all, a general contractor that has experience with renovations will know about the possibility of surprise issues and what is usually needed to fix them. In fact, some can spot signs of hidden damage that a lay person is likely to miss, thereby eliminating much of the surprise factor altogether.

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