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Kitchen Remodels

Top Reasons for Kitchen Remodels

Two of the most popular upgrades to older homes are kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels. Both types of upgrades obviously change the looks of the treated rooms, but appearances aren't the only reason to do them. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen remodels.

Even though home fashion magazines focus on the change in appearance of the kitchen and the desire to avoid a "dated" look, one of the main reasons to remodel a kitchen is to improve its functionality. An older kitchen may have no slot for a dishwasher or an overly-narrow space for the refrigerator. Meanwhile, it is standard for a modern kitchen to have a dishwasher and a huge fridge. In order to bring the kitchen up to the modern standard of functionality, remodeling is therefore necessary. Of course, this is the perfect time to make it look modern, as well, but that often isn't the factor that prompts such a project.

Bathroom remodels, on the other hand, are often done with appearance as the main motivator. The main types of fixtures have remained pretty much the same since the dawn of interior running water, so except for some very luxurious fixture possibilities, the room's basic functionality won't be changing. However, there are many style-related changes that take place through the years, so updating this room can make it look much more modern and inviting.

If a house is to be sold, kitchen and bathroom remodels are often done to make the house look newer. Even if the home was actually built in 1950 or prior, it will be more desirable to buyers if it looks like it was done this year. Not only will it be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will imply that the house will be problem-free for a long time.

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