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Do Custom Homes Need Additions?

At the time custom homes are built, there is no need for additions because these homes are built to meet the current needs of whoever commissioned them. However, people's needs change over time. The house that was perfect for a newlywed couple can easily end up being too small once two or three kids have joined the family. That's when it's a good time to start looking into additions.

Home additions can be attached in a number of ways. The addition can involve adding another story or half-story to the house, thereby increasing its height; it can be attached to the side of the house to increase its width; or it can be attached to the rear, making the house deeper. Which method is chosen often depends on how much space is available on the land, and in which direction.

Of course, everyone wants their custom homes to stay looking great after an addition is put on. However, someone's preferred look may not be attainable. For example, many homes are built on land that doesn't leave any room to make a house wider or deeper. That leaves an upward expansion as the only possibility.

One of the keys to getting a good-looking addition is to work with a general contractor that is able to emphasize aesthetics instead of concentrating only on functionality. Pay close attention to the portfolios of the ones in your area, and select from those whose work matches your idea of what looks good. Then, you have the best chance of ending up with a house that not only has the extra space you now need, but that looks great after the work is completed.

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